Professor Blankenship

Although a somewhat new addition to RIC, Professor Blankenship is well acquainted with the education world.  She originally taught social studies in Texas for 17 years at the high school level. During this time Prof. Blankenship ran professional development programs, was a member of the Curriculum Alignment team, and acted as the technology representative for her department. If that was not enough, Prof. Blankenship also attended the University of Texas while she was still teaching high school in order to achieve her Ph.D.  in Social Studies Education.

At RIC, Prof. Blankenship maintains the high energy she brought with her as a secondary educator.  On top of acting as an advisor for RICESS, she is the coordinator for the Secondary Education program in history and an integral facilitator of the newly redesigned Independence Trail.

With her passion and knowledge, Prof. Blankenship is a valuable advisor for RICESS!

Professor Bigler

Professor Bigler’s resume before RIC is also quite impressive. After acquiring her B.A. in Sociology from Ohio State University, Prof. Bigler taught in New York for 13 years. She then went on to pursue her doctorate in cultural anthropology at the State University of New York where she focused her studies on the community conflict between Latinos and senior white ethnics.

Outside the classroom Professor Bigler acted as a consultant for the New York State curriculum regarding Latinos and led teacher training sessions on diversity in both NY and RI. Her dedication to this line of study earned her a Fulbright in 2002 to conduct research in Salvador Brazil. Today she continues to examine this topic.

The unique anthropological insight and love of social studies Prof. Bigler possess makes her another advisor that RICESS is lucky to have.


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